About FreeGames123

FreeGames123 is the one of the hottest FREE instant mobile gaming portal, with quality games hand-picked for our players. With no downloads required EVER, we aim to create an entertaining experience for casual gamers on the go at the touch of the screen. Our slogan is "Just Tap & Play!", where players are able to INSTANTLY access quality fun games right from the mobile browser, across all devices!

Are the games on FreeGames123 FREE?

Absolutely! All games are FREE to play, meaning there are no hidden costs! One thing to note is that playing the games on this site requires a mobile internet connection, and your service provider may charge you a fee for bandwidth usage. Surfing and playing games on FreeGames123 is totally free though, If you are unsure about bandwidth charges you are recommended to check with your service provider or use the site when you are connencted to WiFi.

Some of the games do not work on my phone! Please help me!

We have tried and tested every game to ensure that they run on most commercially available phones and devices. Given the vast range of Android devices out in the market and their varied specifications, in the odd event of an error or if there is a game that does not work for you, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to aid you.